Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bringing God back into my life

I went to Uganda on a mission trip back in October of 2013.  I had been working out; I wasn't anywhere near my goal weight or in top physical shape but I didn't feel too bad.  This is a picture of me with the child we sponsor - Rebecca.  As usual I didn't like what I saw in the picture after all I had no make-up on, my hair was pulled back and as you can guess I was hot and sweaty.

In this picture God sees a woman with great potential and promise; a woman who can do anything with His help- a beautiful woman.  I want to see that woman - but I can't.

My weight slowly started to spiral out of control when I returned from that trip and I am not sure why.  At first I thought it was physiological, food is limited in this part of the world and plentiful here.  The people who live here are beautiful and they rely on God every moment of the day to supply their needs.  I deeply believe in Christ - He died on the cross for me, for my salvation.  But lately I haven't shown that appreciation at all; everything I need is just a stone's throw away. Our country is taking God out of the picture, I wonder if I am unintentionally taking God out of the picture.

As part of my journey to a healthier me - I am intentionally bringing God back into the picture.  I know he has never left my side, but I am going to put Him in the pilots seat and make Him first.

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